Thursday, May 3, 2007

'Independus', 'Ardeae' and 'Saturum' from Russia (PICS)

These amazing furniture items were designed by russian designer Artemy Lebedev in his studio.

'Independus' Armchair:
The idea was to create an armchair where its sit, back and bolsters don't connect directly to each other. Click to enlarge:

'Ardeae' Chair:
Designed as just simple folding chairs. Very nice. Click to enlarge:

'Saturum' Armchair:
This is a huge armchair. Its sizes are: 1500x1111x1150mm. Huge furniture for huge guys! The idea was to build an armchair which allows you to sit even on its bolsters.
As you can see the idea was perfectly implemented. Click to enlarge:

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